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Welcome to our new Congregational Website!

Abbot Francis Pfanner, our zealous Founder, was a great innovator who believed in the power of the written word. A prolific writer, he established the first printing press in South Africa, to help him spread the Good News. It was his fervent belief that,

God wills that a fire be kindled here and everywhere.
But numbers alone will not set it ablaze. Each of of us
must be a good torch or good fuel, so that the flame may
soar and the fire may spread rapidly and forcefully.

In many parts of the world we, the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, continue to carry the torch for our Founder, for he believed that “our mission territory is the Kingdom of God, and that has no boundaries.”

So, with great pride, we would like to introduce our brand new international website to you. As you will see, it provides a great deal of diverse information, and is a wonderful tribute to our Founder’s missionary zeal. We invite you to explore this new website, and get to know more about our worldwide mission. Welcome to our website! Enjoy it.