The Heritage Workshop | Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood
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The Heritage Workshop

The Heritage Workshop for the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood (CPS) is being held at Precious Blood Convent in Reading, PA from September 5 to November 27, 2013.

The participants are as seen above:

Netherlands Sr. Anne Walton
Mozambique Sr. Isabel Tinga
Congo Sr. Jeanne Mbomba
North American Sr. Monica Mary Ncube
Mariannhill Sr. Ulrica Zondi
Facilitator Sr Nancy Iampietro
Eastern Cape Sr. Maria Clarence Mthembu
Facilitator Sr. Annette Buschgerd
East Africa Sr. Lucy Kawau
Zimbabwe Sr. Mary Eugene Nkomo
Korea Sr. Maria Kwon

Excerpts from letters from Sr Monica Mary Ncube to the sisters of the North American Province:

Sept 11: We are a dynamic group eager to learn and our facilitators seem ready to let us squeeze out every bit of CPS resource material they have. But that is not the main issue, we have already discovered we have to become what we are learning and that is a happy difficult challenge!

I am enjoying the history part of the course and prayerfully carrying each one in prayer knowing I am not here for myself.

Nov 4th: It is 4 weeks since I shared about the heritage workshop; We have covered the vows, our Marian legacy, internationality and Mother Paula retreat, now we have input on paschal mystery, leadership and CPS non-negotiable. It is intense and challenging – what a precious gift we have been entrusted with by the Lord through our Charism! We also had to give a short presentation on a topic of our choice and mine was on paschal mystery.

This has been and will remain a privilege for me to have been exposed to our heritage in such depth. I know I am brief, I do not see a need for details of the input because it is what you already know. I hope to share on specific community occasions later.

We as a group feel that Sr. Annette and Sr. Nancy have fulfilled the chapter mandate of passing on the heritage torch. Let us all pray that the Holy Spirit will keep it alive for the next generation through us.

With God’s grace we hope to slowly become what we have learned so as to share the renewed appreciation of our spirituality in word and action. We count on your prayers to internalize and live what has been given to us.