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Reflection for Easter Sunday

Just as Mary Magdalene discovered the stone rolled back from the tomb, we too are invited to roll back the stones from our own tombs, to let our empty places be filled with God’s transforming light. We are invited to walk into our empty, vulnerable selves and find freedom; to roll back the stones that keep us sealed in: stones of, pain, anger, guilt, sadness, jealousy, fear of change, ill health, fear, broken relationships, loneliness, blindness, ambition, ageing – the list goes on; to roll back the stone that keeps Jesus locked inside our hearts: stones of fear and compromise, entitlement and resentment, complacency and self-centeredness.

There are times in our lives when we know that something blocks our seeing and knowing the Risen Lord. All we need is the desire ‘to roll away the stone’ that keeps us from hearing Jesus calling our name, calling us forth in the power of His Resurrection. We need to spend time with our ‘stone’ – find it, name it, hold it, listen to it: Why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking? Why do you seek the Living One amidst what is dead?

In John’s Gospel, Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb alone. Why, we do not know. Perhaps just to be! Her empty tomb experience sends her running to the disciples, for someone has stolen the body of her Lord. It is only later, when she experiences the “Gardener” – that she hears her name and knows. In this encounter – she is sent forth in MISSION. She is the one who brings the news. Jesus is no longer in the tomb – The Risen Lord is wherever we are; it is there He will meet us. Easter redefines our lives in the light of Resurrection.

To enter – to hear – to go forth – these Gospel verbs give us the pattern for our relationship with the REDEEMING LORD, for our mission mandate. The Jesus whom we seek is not dead; He continues to live in different ways, in and through us. As we journey into the joy of Easter – the heart of the Paschal Mystery – we discover anew the source of our heart, the desire of our soul, the meaning of our life and the purpose of our mission.

Risen Lord, Easter in us that we may hear you say:

Where you are is where I am ALIVE in you. Alleluia!

Sr. Nancy Iampietro, CPS