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Easter Sunday Reflection

Christ is risen! Indeed he is risen!

These glorious words echo throughout the chants of the Eastern Rite church during the entire Easter season. I can only imagine the holy women and the disciples saying these same words when they finally realized that their Messiah had indeed risen from the dead.

Having been raised in the Eastern Rite Church, I fondly remember a graced moment when as a child I listened to the words of the Gospel for Easter Sunday. The Gospel, John’s Prologue, was sung in several different languages, with the bells pealing following each several verses.

In later years I meditated on what this particular Gospel may have to do with Easter. How fitting, to intone the Sacred Scripture in which we glorify the Light of Christ coming into this world.

The prologue has been called the Adult Nativity story, describing Jesus becoming man, “pitching His tent among us.” Here he brings His light into the world for the first time.

Then today on glorious Easter Sunday we read about the disciples and holy women, going to see what they expected to be a dark tomb. Instead they find Light, glorious brightness, for the Saviour has again brought His Divine Light into the world. This Light, which as John writes, “the darkness cannot overcome.”

Through His Birth and Resurrection the Saviour reminds us that no darkness is too dark for His Light to overcome. Throughout Lent we have read the stories of those who found the Light in their darkness—the man born blind, the Samaritan woman, the prodigal son to name a few. So, each one of us can glory in the risen Christ, who brings light to the dark places of our own lives, as well as hope and light and life to all the darkened areas of our world.

Let us proclaim together with the hope and joy of the Risen Christ.

“Christ is risen … indeed He is risen!!!”

Mary Timko, Associate of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood