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Christmas Reflection

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us”
John 1:14

These past four weeks of Advent have been a time of prayer, reflection and meditation. Today on this Christmas Day A Miracle has just begun. It is in Jesus that the fullness of grace and truth is made present and manifest.

God Bless Us Everyone

Come together one and all
In the Christmas spirit
Gifts abound here great and small
Joyously we feel it
Blessings sent us from above
Guide us on our way
We raise our voice as we rejoice bow our head and pray
A miracle has just begun
God Bless Us Everyone
To the voices no one hears
We have come to find you
With your laughter and your tears
Goodness, hope, and virtue
Father, mother, daughter, son

Each a treasure be
One candle’s light
Dispells the night
Now our eyes can see
Burning brighter than the sun
God Bless Us Everyone
We raise our voices
As we rejoice
Bow our head and pray
A miracle has just begun
God Bless Everyone
Come together one and all
With gifts abounding great and small
Come and join us everyone
A Miracle has just begun

-Walt Disney

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus in our hearts and communities, we join with all of God’s children, women and men throughout the earth. As we remember the displaced families in war-torn countries, we give thanks that Jesus came for all people and all places. For God so loved the world that he sent his only Son among us. May compassion be born in our hearts. “This is our joy, this is our hope that we must bring to this world.” (Pope Francis)

Sister Judith Filorimo, CPS