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Building Authentic Community – Sharing Our Giftedness

Using Acts 2:42ff as a springboard for input and reflection, this half day retreat offered six discerning women the opportunity to look into the early Christian community and its prerequisites as a model for building authentic community in our 21st century living in the family, workplace and church. The day included a time for input, reflective group sharing and discussion especially related to the lived experience of community in religious life. A Sunday Eucharistic liturgy was celebrated in the house and was shared with the local parish RCIA candidates who are entering the Church community at Easter. A simple supper rounded off a fruitful time. A follow-up will take place on Saturday, May 3rd.

(Sr. Gabriel Mary, cps)

On March 8, 2014 I attended the Come and See workshop at the beautiful Stella Maris (the ancient title of Mary ‘Star of the Sea’) Residence. The theme of the day was ‘building community’ in everyday life and in Religious Life. I feel that we experienced this community and the love of the Lord was felt strongly among us. The opportunity to meet like-minded individuals is always refreshing! And I made two new friends! The Mass was uplifting and the music was soothing as we all sang “Lifting our voices up to the Lord in praise.”

We discussed discernment and where the longing in one’s heart can lead to. Everyone shared their thoughts and feelings, and together we were all able to support each other in one way or another… simply listening to another’s journey with the Lord was amazingly insightful. It was lovely to have the Sisters and the Priest among us. The food was yummy … you could tell it was cooked with love. I left inspired by it all – being a community in the Religious Life.

(Robin Wells)