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Pfanner Lay Mission Companions

“No talent too humble or too high
For the service of God”
Abbot Francis Pfanner

“It is not possible to take on the role of volunteers only on the wings of enthusiasm. This service calls for the spirit of poverty, the ability to work without ostentation, discreet and cordial friendship, sacrifice, listening, sensitivity, flexibility to cultural and spiritual values, discernment and the witness of a truly Christian life”.
John Paul II

The Pfanner Lay Mission Companions (PLMC) was established by the Congregation of the Mariannhill Missionaries (CMM) and the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood (CPS) in 1996.

PLMC is made up of dedicated women, men and/or families who:

Mission Personnel Needs:

Teachers, Pastoral workers, Carpenters, Farmers, Electricians, Mechanics, Occupational / Physio Therapists, Computer / Administrative / Office workers, School Hostel Supervisors etc.

A contractual agreement with a commitment of not less than 6 months and up to two years.

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Pfanner Lay Mission Companion web site:

In Canada

Sr. Gabriel Mary Riddle, CPS
St. Bernard’s Convent
685 Finch Avenue West
Toronto ON M2R 1P2
Tel: 416-630-3298

Father Alain Rodrique, cmm
2075 Chemin Ste. Catherine
Sherbrooke, Quebec J1N 1E7
Tel: 819-562-4676