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Our Sisters

Sr. Kateri Beaudry

I, Terry Matilda Beaudry, was born and raised in this small village of Wikwemikong and I took Sr. Kateri as my religious name, after Saint Kateri Tekakawitha. In 2011, I came back to this village for family reasons. While here, I began working at Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre also known as Rainbow Lodge, a treatment centre for drug and alcohol addictions.

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Sr. Teresa Morrison

I have been a Missionary Sister of the Precious Blood for close to fifty-two years and I can’t believe how rapidly the years have passed. My life as a missionary has taken me to many different places, especially to South Africa where I was privileged to teach for several years. Some twelve years ago, I came full circle…

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Sr. Ann Marie Marabella

A certified chaplain with Holy Spirit Pastoral Care, Sister Ann Marie Marabella, CPS, makes it her mission to visit every patient in the Ortenzio Heart Center everyday….

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‘Three Wise Women of Bethlehem’

we invite you to read about a trio of sisters, affectionately referred to as, ‘The Three Wise Women of Bethlehem.’

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Sr. Pietra Aumer

Sister Pietra Aumer, a Missionary Sister of the Precious Blood (CPS), has been a touchstone of God’s love, mercy and compassion in action at Holy Family Manor (HFM), Bethlehem since 1970…

In Memory of Sr. Pietra (PDF)

Sr. Francis Bisland

Sister Francis was born Sophia Bisland in Paisley, a small town just outside of Glasgow, Scotland, the seventh of 13 children. She was known to be a spirited, fun-loving, but faith-filled child…

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Sr. Joanne Leccese

Sr. Joanne recently went home to God. Read her “In Memory of” here

Born in Rochester, New York, I was blessed to be raised in a loving family. My parents were very hard-working and until I graduated from high school I shared this life with two sisters…

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Sr. Mary William

Sr. Mary William Verhoeven hails from beautiful Holland which her parents left for the greener pastures of Wyoming in southwestern Ontario when she was a young child. As the eldest of eight, very early in life she learned to shoulder responsibility, something she has done in a variety of different ways throughout her entire life.

In Memory of Sr. Mary William (PDF)

Sr. Marian Maskulak

Sr. Marian Maskulak, CPS, is an Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at St. John’s University, Queens, New York, where she teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. She resides at Transfiguration Convent in Queens with Sr. Joanne Leccese, CPS. Read more…

On April 6, 2017, St. John’s University (NY) held its 20th Annual Faculty Book Reception to recognize faculty throughout the university who authored books during the past year. Sister Marian Maskulak, cps was among the faculty recognized. More details…. (PDF file)

A Trio of Chaplains

Care-giving carries within it an opportunity for inner healing, liberation and transformation for the one being cared for and for the one who cares.

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The only two Secretaries General of Bishops’ Conferences are CPS!

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Missioned At Last

I had resigned myself that I would never be missioned outside Canada, and even in my wildest dreams I would never imagine that I would go to Korea! Then in June 2014, I was asked to do just that – go to Korea to help our Korean Sisters learn English – the common language of an international congregation.

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Download a letter Sr. Ellen sent to mark the one year since her arrival in Korea (PDF)

God Willed Me Back to Life

Sr. Gabriel Mary Riddle is a former physiotherapist and pastoral worker with experience in her native Canada and in South Africa.

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Circumstances are God’s Sealed Orders

When Sr. Bernadette Stone joined the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, all she knew was that “mission is a call to God”.

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