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The History of the North American Province – a personal perspective

“In 1951 another pioneering group of Sisters arrived in Toronto at the invitation of James Cardinal McGuigan.”

When we think of a historical overview, we often tend to think about dates, pivotal individuals, and special events that have shaped a certain picture of that history. These are definitely important. In these lines, however, I want to look at what we could learn from our CPS history in North America.

The Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood first arrived in the United States from Europe in 1925 at the invitation of the Vincentian priests. Our motto “Ora et Labora” was much in evidence as was the great need to trust God and others to help us establish the unique CPS way of living.

In 1951 another pioneering group of Sisters arrived in Toronto at the invitation of James Cardinal McGuigan.

A great faith and tenacity of spirit, which are truly CPS characteristics, are what I learn as I listen to or read the stories of our first Sisters and the many who followed them. Having to overcome poverty, disappointments, numerous adversities and non-acceptance brought the Sisters to be creative, joyful and faith-filled. As they laboured during difficult times, the Sisters were united in supporting both the home and foreign missions in whatever way they could.

The ministries in the North American Province were diverse from the beginning and continue to be to this day. The Sisters, not only strive to work for their livelihood, but to help in the formation of newer members at home and abroad. Other Congregations also assist us in this awesome responsibility for which we are most grateful.

People often comment on how peaceful, joyful and accepting of differences our Sisters are in whatever circumstances. No, we haven’t arrived at perfection yet. But we focus on witnessing to these gifts in a world that struggles with divisions, violence, lack of hope and rootlessness.

As Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood “drawing from our Inner Spirit, we re-commit to live in simplicity, integrity, hope and joy, and as channels of reconciliation.”

(Excerpt from General Chapter Mandate 2012.)

The lived history of CPS in North America continues…

(Sr. Teresa Morrison CPS)