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Creative fidelity to tradition


In remarks prepared for the assembly of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life earlier this week, Pope Francis encouraged religious to foster creative fidelity to tradition. In view of the year dedicated to the Consecrated life, he reflected on the image of new wine in new wineskins he said:

“We must not be afraid to leave the ‘old wineskins’, that is, to renew those habits and structures which, in the life of the Church and therefore also in the consecrated life, we recognize as no longer responsive to what God asks of us today in order to further His Kingdom in the world,” said Pope Francis, “structures that give us false protection and put a drag on the dynamism of charity; habits that distance us from the flock to which we are sent and prevent us from listening to the cry of those who await the Good News of Jesus Christ.”


Year for Consecrated Life… A time to: “Take Care of Vocations”

As the Year of Consecrated Life begins, the Apostolic Nuncio to Canada has written a letter to the women and men religious of Canada. The letter is accompanied by a reflection he entitled: “Take care of vocations”. Both the letter and the reflection can be found, in PDF format, on the CRC website at:


The opening event organized by T.A.V.D.A (Toronto Area Vocation Directors Association) for the official ‘kick off’ of the year of consecrated life took place on Friday evening, November 21 at our Lady of Lourdes Jesuit church in Toronto. Five c.p.s. sisters represented NAP.

Utilizing the Taize prayer form led by an excellent choir, the tone was set for the over 60 male and female religious members of communities within the archdiocese surrounded by a number young adults who attended. Initially, an introduction explaining briefly the purpose of the evening and the meaning of the evangelical counsels was given. The atmosphere was very meditative and peaceful. With only the light on over the Blessed Sacrament and four sandboxes strategically placed on the altar steps, each consecrated person came forward in prayer to take a taper and place their lighted candle in one of the sandboxes while incense burned around them. The only break in the silence occurred midway when Jeremiah’s call was read followed by petitions. When the hour of prayer closed, there was a lovely meet and greet reception.
Sr. Gabriel Mary Riddle, cps

WHERE YOU ARE: What might you be inspired to do to celebrate this special year, following the invitation of Pope Francis ‘to wake up the world?’