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Sr. Magdalena Vogt, cps

On June 5th in London, Ontario, about 200 blood donors were honoured. It was a real privilege to witness women and men, young and not so young step forward to receive their certificate to commemorate various milestones. I was the guest of the amazing Sr. Loretta Hagen, csj, who was honoured for having donated plasma 600 times. How awesome is that! Also honoured was a gentleman who has reached the incredible milestone of 1000 units donated over a period of 58 years. Such inspiring donors. Let us follow their example and get out there, as well, and donate ‘Blood, the Stuff of Life’ which is also the title of Lawrence Hill’s latest book all about the life giving blood that courses through our veins.

Close on the heels of this memorable occasion followed International Blood Donor Day on June 14th which prompted me to ponder some more about how I am invited not only to donate blood, but also about my call as a Missionary Sister of the Precious Blood to share the Precious Blood with all whose paths crosses mine each day. I remember thinking about my community, all those sisters ministering in so many places, saying to myself ‘together let us save lives by generously sharing our blood and the Precious Blood.’

And then came Trinity Sunday – June 15 the red-letter day if ever there was one, the day indelibly inscribed on the heart of all who knew and loved our dear Sister Mary Paule Tacke who that day was kidnapped and found dead the following day. I had been thinking about how we are invited to ‘share our blood’ and the Precious Blood. THIS is NOT what I had in mind. However, what I had in mind is irrelevant. On Trinity Sunday In Mthatha, South Africa, where our sister had lived our Precious Blood charism to the fullest, had poured out her life for God’s most vulnerable little ones, she shed her blood. As Sr. Christa Mary, cps, so eloquently reminds us:

This story needs to form part of our congregational history. This woman needs to be part of the pride of our heritage. Out of Cottonwood USA came a CPS with an American spirit of justice and fairness for all people that was tested in the fire of her life history – and it was found to be gold! This daughter of America and woman of Africa really lived her service to those in need.

Not all of us are called to ‘shed our blood,’ however we all share the same life-blood of Jesus Christ, the Precious Blood that has been and is being transfused-poured out in loving service all over the world. In order for us to have life, it is essential that we gather around the altar of God to hear Jesus say to us…”Take, eat, this is my body. Take, drink, this is my blood.” In a sense, we receive a transfusion from God. On the lintels and doorposts of our hearts let us sprinkle the Precious Blood of Jesus so that everyone knows that our lives belong to God.

May the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ ever bless and protect us.