4th Sunday of Advent Reflection | Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood
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4th Sunday of Advent Reflection

“When he comes he will rule His people with the strength that comes
From the Lord and with the majesty of the Lord God Himself…
He will bring peace.” Mi. 5:1-4

“Here I am to do your will.” Heb.10:5-10

“Why should this great thing happen to me, that
My Lord’s mother comes to visit me?” Lk. 1:39-45

The readings of this last Sunday of Advent express the energy of the Lord’s presence flowing through the prophecy to the mystery of the Incarnation and Nativity. The readiness of the King of Peace who comes to do the will of the Father.

Elizabeth recognizes Him, as does her unborn son John the Baptist. I am personally struck by the key words,

He comes

He will bring peace

Here I am to do your will

This holds for me the whole meaning of waiting for what we already have.

Let us recognize Him in each other and in every person we meet as they represent all of humanity, all of creation waiting in eager expectation to experience the Prince of Peace already present among us.

“The Virgin Mary, perfectly embodies the spirit of Advent, which involves both listening to God and having deep desire to do his will in joyful service to others.”
Pope Benedict XVI

Sr. Monica Mary Ncube, CPS