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For us Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood ALL of our life is for mission. Our missionary service, therefore, is vital and central to our life.

Our vowed life, our prayer life, our community life,
yes even the administration of our congregation,
are meaningful only,
if they serve the building of the kingdom of God,
if they help us to witness to the redeeming love of Christ.
Const. Ch.5

I find the words of St. John’s Gospel very fitting for us as CPS.
What a demand on us as missionaries, on our missionary work: “those who believe in me through their word may know that you sent me and that you loved them as you loved me.” Is that not what we are all about, to witness to the love of God?

Our mission is not something we do; our mission is the essence, the core of our being and our existence. Therefore, our mission activity is not tied to places. We must be missionaries of God’s redeeming love wherever we are. We are called to follow Jesus who in turn was “sent by the father”. Like him, we are sent to proclaim the gospel and witness to it, more specifically as CPS, to tell the world, that God loves them. What did Jesus do to prove to us that God loves us? Did he construct buildings, churches? Did he run big projects, institutions? Did he tell people what they needed? No. It is true; Jesus helped people. But they came to him and told him what they needed, they asked for his help. He imposed nothing to them.

As CPS missionaries, we must have the missionary heart of Jesus. We must have is attitude, share in his dynamic movement of self-emptying. He left his godhead, he let go of the securities of his life, of laws and customs, he became one of us in all things – except sin. His utter poverty invites us to share in his task of mission. The incarnation of the word in Jesus of Nazareth is the model for our missionary being which takes on the cultural flesh of each people and place in order to be completely at home in every tongue and tribe, people and nation. Jesus is our model as a missionary.

Our charism challenges us to stand with the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, the imprisoned. We are challenged to stand with those who are at the margin of our society. And if we stand with those who are at the margin, then we are no longer in the centre ourselves. We allow those with whom Jesus identifies, to pull us out of our cozy and comfortable cocoons into the real world where pain and suffering is ever present.

Mission today calls for the witness of multi-cultural living, capable of challenging the struggle for power and domination, violence and hatred.

Mission today calls for a counter-cultural life showing another way of being and living, developing an alternative culture based on the gospel of Jesus, a culture of life, a culture of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Today the Church is also calling for new evangelization, the rekindling of faith in persons and cultures where it has grown weak or no longer exists. We need to read the signs of the time and discern where God wants us to be and how to be witnesses of the Kingdom.

Mission today calls for witness to the crucified love of Jesus, a love which brings the joy of resurrection and life.

The power of our charism, redeeming love, surrender, self-emptying, compassion, drives us, moulds us into missionaries.

Sr. Ingeborg Müller CPS